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The Balanced Runner philosophy focuses on key cues and small changes to technique over time to get you running faster, while using less energy. The focus is on making sure the whole body is in balance and alignment to get the most forward propulsion with the least amount of excess movement. This is achieved through a series of easy to understand cues which give immediate benefit, and can be further refined and worked on over time.

While the initial intention was to conduct these sessions in person, Paul has now been conducting online and video sessions for a few years with great results. It is a slightly different process, and we will ask you to send through videos prior to the session so Paul can study your form and pre-plan the session, the outcomes and results have been just as good as the in-person sessions.

Paul can conduct sessions over FaceTime or Skype, if you are overseas or interstate and interested in improving your technique, you can contact Paul below.

Reviews from online Balanced Runners:

I first heard about Paul MacKinnon through an interview he did on the Inside Running Podcast. I thought it would be a good idea to tweek my running style so I reached out for a consultation.
My first coaching session was on March 5th, 2020 and I couldn’t believe the difference it made to my running.
Before the session I would feel pain in my legs and muscles within 200m of starting my run (especially on hard surfaces) and would have to grind out the rest of the run until I finished or was exhausted and had to walk.
I had put this pain down to my age (53) and the extra weight I had put on (23kg) since I stopped seriously competing 28 years ago. I had no idea it was all due to poor running form.
I started to see a difference of ease in my running during the coaching session and when Paul asked me to run again like I did before, the pain immediately came back to my legs.
The next day while implementing the new technique, I effortlessly ran 25 seconds per kilometer faster than I had done previously over 10km (over 4 minutes faster). During the next week I was also running up to 10km on road and concrete surfaces with no pain at all. This improvement has since stayed with me. I continued to use Paul’s technique until it became 2nd nature to me and still no pain in my legs.
I have since had 2 more sessions with Paul to further improve my running form, each time seeing improvements.
Thanks Paul for the great work you do to help us become better runners.

Kim White
Online Balanced Runner

I have been a “runner” since 1999 when I decided I did not want to get out of shape during the off seasons of my collegiate swimming career. Over time I developed a real love for running which grew stronger as I transitioned into triathlon and then into long distance triathlon. I never ran as a kid and certainly never had any coaching on form.
Running has always been my biggest limiter as a triathlete and I have always felt like the proverbial fish out of water while running. I always had the sense that I was “forcing” it and expending more energy than I should. During Summer 2018 I heard “The Balanced Runner” on the Triathlon Taren Podcast and loved what he had to say and his methodology. After seeing Taren’s successful run at Challenge Roth I decided to contact Paul and see if he could take me to the next level.
From the jump, Paul broke down running form in a way that is easily digestible and fun. His method of focusing incremental change has resulted in steady improvements over the last few months. I visit with Paul via WhatsApp video chat every 4-5 weeks and we focus on one or two small cues to focus on for the next few weeks. I honestly can’t believe the results. Every week I feel more and more like a runner. With each week I feel like I am unlocking some kind of hidden skillset I never knew I had. When I look at video of myself over the last few months the transformation is evident and substantial.
With all the insane money I spend on Ironman races, the money spent for my sessions with Paul is by far the best investment I have made in my athletic life for years. I can’t thank Paul enough and I can’t wait to keep working with him. Running is fun again and I feel like I am just scratching the surface!

Danny Royce
Online Balanced Runner

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