Running Technique Success Stories

Paul has been an amazing guide for helping me break down the movements that my upper and lower body have been doing in my running. From the first session his unique cues immediatley reduced my upper shoulder rotation which helped me take pressure off my Achilles injury. Each session Paul has helped me build on the previous cues which has balanced up my arm swing and reduced my hip rotation. These new simple cues are saving me energy and time in each run and will prevent me from future injuries as well.

Monica Brennan

Olympian - 400m Runner

Amazing coach. Really corrected my technique and made me enjoy running again. Highly recommend Paul to anyone interested in improving their running form!

Anna Weatherlake

Runner & plant-based nutrition coach

Paul was brilliant to work with, he pushed me to my limits and made valuable improvements to my running technique that I felt immediately.

Denae Brown

CrossFit Games Competitor

I had the pleasure of doing Paul’s workshops over a number of months and saw huge tangible results. After some 1 on 1 consults and group work, I was not only constantly beating my split times, but running became easier and more efficient. Paul is very committed to each athlete’s requirements and was even able to free up some of my back pain. Definitely worth checking out if you want to get the most out of your running.



I added this small but important change and noticed a difference instantly. This small change effected the way I ran drastically, and for once in my life, I felt light on my feet and running didn’t feel foreign anymore. To say that one change in arm swing made such a big difference may be hard to believe, but it was the way Paul made me aware of my body, that allowed for the change to happen so quickly. The best part was after a few more times going over some other little technique fixes, Paul got me to have a go at running with my old style. I lasted about 5 strides before i burst out in laughter. I literally felt like one of those wacky inflatable tube men out the front of used car dealerships. I was never going back.


Founder, Sweatr

The biggest improvement for me after only a few sessions has been injury prevention allowing me to build a really great block of training and continue improving. Before seeing Paul I was having relatively consistent groin and hip problems that began when I was playing Hockey and came back as soon as I tried to build to even 40-50km per week. Since tweaking my technique I have been able to run injury free for the past 12 months and continue building kilometres consistently, resulting in PB’s from 800m to the Marathon over that period!



I had always endured pain through my hips and knees when I ran for as long as a remembered. After one session with Paul, not only was I running pain free, I was also running CONSIDERABLY faster.

I can’t recommend him highly enough!



I had a great training session with Paul. He’s an amazing coach and really individualises his coaching for the runner he’s working with. I’ve seen massive improvement in my running technique and pace since starting weekly sessions with Paul. He’s the kind of coach who gets the most out of his athletes by guiding them to finding the answer themselves so it really sticks. Melbourne, we’re lucky to have him.