Running technique coaching for performance, injury prevention and enjoyment.

The Balanced Runner philosophy focuses on key cues and small changes to technique over time to get you running faster, while using less energy. The focus is on making sure the whole body is in balance and alignment to get the most forward propulsion with the least amount of excess movement. This is achieved through a series of easy to understand cues which give immediate benefit, and can be further refined and worked on over time.

The best way to understand the benefits of this approach is to give it a try! Sessions are one-on-one, with cues and techniques adapted specifically for your running style.

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The Balanced Runner is headed in Melbourne by Paul Mackinnon, who lived a sporting life as a semi-professional hockey player for 15 years playing in Australia and Europe, allowing him access to high performance programs, athletes and coaches around the world. Since retiring he has developed The Balanced Runner coaching business to help athletes, utilising the philosophy that was developed largely by Lex Anderson in Canberra and further refined by Paul over the past 5 years practising as a professional running technique coach.

Paul regularly travels to Queensland to conduct sessions, as well as being able to conduct interstate or overseas sessions via FaceTime or Skype, so even if you aren’t in Melbourne and you are interested in improving your running technique, contact Paul here.


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